ZUMIX Sprouts

These classes offer introductions to music, theater, and dance with an emphasis on stage and performance techniques.  Sprouts participants share their performances on the ZUMIX stage and often tour their community to bring music and joy to others.  This is a great opportunity for younger kids to find out what ZUMIX is all about.


Sprouts Chorus

Calling all kids who like to sing!  Spend your afternoons singing with others and for others!  Improve your singing skills, sing songs from around the world, learn basic music theory concepts, and be part of a team that enjoys making music together!  No previous experience needed, just your singing voice.

Sprouts Musical Theater

Once upon a time there was a group of students who liked to act, sing, and dance. They met to act out different fables and fairytales, and presented them at the end of the semester to happy audiences. They had so much fun and lived happily ever after! To be a member of this fabulous cast, join Sprouts Musical Theater!

Sprouts Orchestra

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument? Explore the world of music in the Sprouts Orchestra! Have fun playing and performing songs with your friends.  Learn about all different types of music and instruments through hands on activities as well as demonstrations from special guest musicians. You’ll get to try out some instruments, learn some songs and do some singing as well.

Warmth Program

Deep in the winter months it gets wicked cold outside…so cold that many people stay home as much as possible.  This is a chance to bring the warmth of music to them.  You will create and rehearse an original show of popular music and take it on a tour of local nursing homes.  Warm-up yourself and others during this special experience.

Laura Macias