Our Mission

ZUMIX empowers young people to build successful futures for themselves, transforming lives and community through music, technology, and creative employment.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all people prosper through the power of creativity, self-actualization, and collaboration.

Our Core Values

ZUMIX believes in the power of young people. We believe that young people are capable and self-determinant. Young people drive our work, voice their perspectives, and hold power.

ZUMIX believes in the power of courageous creativity. We believe that creative learning and artistic exploration are necessary to unlocking the potential of individuals and communities. Healthy risk-taking builds confidence to try new things, test ideas, and be bold.

ZUMIX believes in the power of love and empathy. We believe in caring for one another in a joyful environment. We center each other’s humanity in a space where all are acknowledged, supported, accepted, and respected.

ZUMIX believes in the power of equity. We believe that undoing classism, racism, sexism, and other inequities begins by providing fair access and economic opportunity so that individuals and communities prosper. Diversity is an asset and the inclusion of multiple perspectives is necessary for a thriving organization.

ZUMIX believes in the power of leadership development. We believe that growth comes from providing opportunities for learning, reflecting,questioning, and holding ourselves accountable.Our environment encourages new ideas and evolution, both individually and collectively.

ZUMIX believes in the power of accountability to community. We believe our work is in service to and strengthened by the communities we belong to. There is power in people working in partnership around a shared vision to meet the needs of the wider community.