Jennifer Aldana

Jen Aldana is a recording artist, first-generation Colombian American, and ZUMIX alum. She began attending ZUMIX at the age of 12 and tried every program she could fit into her schedule. Her journey at ZUMIX led her to win a scholarship to study music at Berklee College of Music and opened so many doors in her musical career.
After college, Jen went on to work in the community in various ways, from helping start a church and build their musical ministry as a worship leader (that she still serves on today), to working in youth programming, and serving as a teaching artist at colleges, churches, and non-profit organizations.
As an artist, Jen is passionate about spreading positivity through her music and performance. She is also the Season 5 of The Voice on Snapchat and has won singing competitions locally and nationally.
Jen credits much of her musical journey and her passion for community work to her roots as a ZUMIX attendee. For that reason, she is ecstatic to be ZUMIX’s Instrumental Music Manager and support the musical journeys of so many talented young people. You can find Jen’s work anywhere you find music and ask her for support in getting your young people plugged into private lessons and ensembles at ZUMIX.