Walk for Music Spotlight: Nikki Stewart

How did you get involved with Walk for Music?

My first Walk for Music was in the spring of 2010, during my year as an AmeriCorps VISTA with ZUMIX. Honestly, I have been to so many now that it all blurs together! While I was involved the first few years through my role on the fundraising staff, I love this event because it brings all of ZUMIX together – programming, operations, staff, board, families, participants, neighbors. It represents the best of the ZUMIX community – folks from all walks of life who love music and know that music changes lives.

How and when did you get involved with ZUMIX?

I completed an AmeriCorps VISTA year with ZUMIX from 2009-10, and since then, I have been involved as a staff member, board member, supporter, and admirer. After almost 15 years, I think it is safe to say that I grew up with ZUMIX even though my involvement started in my 20s.

Do you have a favorite Walk for Music memory?

My favorite part is seeing some of the participants from when I was on staff come back and support the event as awesome, successful adults. When you share a love of music, you always have something in common. There is a real sense of ease when you know you share parts of your identity with others.

What’s the best part of the Walk itself?

The good vibes that come from hundreds of people celebrating music together. Also, the dogs.

Why do you Walk for Music
Because music is why some kids get out of bed and go to school. It’s why some adults who are struggling are able to get through a bad day. It’s why community can form anywhere you have a guitar, or a drum, or a harmonica. We all need music.

Nikki Stewart is a former ZUMIX employee, former ZUMIX board member and chair, and the executive director of Old North Illuminated (formerly Old North Foundation).

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