Walk for Music Spotlight: Angelina Botticelli

Tell us about your experience with Walk for Music.

I started attending Walk for Music when I was seven years old. It’s always been something I’ve looked forward to—a chance to connect with the ZUMIX community, and to share in our love for this amazing, magical place.

I’ve always loved being outdoors, too, with the spring and summer – I really get excited for it. Walk for Music is a chance to get outside and profess my love for ZUMIX to the world, in front of everyone. We’re parading through the streets, making noise, sending the message that we support music education and the arts. There’s a really strong, vibrant creative community here, and it’s awesome.

Tell us more about that community.

Walk for Music feels like a big lovefest – everyone coming together to raise money for a common cause is really powerful. I love the conversations, too.

When I was raising money as a student, this was always the time of year that I got to share this place with my teachers and my family members. I got to talk about the cool people I was meeting, the music I was writing, the events I was attending, as a part of ZUMIX. I got to share those experiences with people that I never might have otherwise.

I can imagine the Sprouts going up to their teachers and telling them all about ZUMIX. That was me! I started as a Sprout. I was the teen participant who would run around Maverick Square, go into businesses there, and ask if I could leave a donation cup. That was a cool way to connect with the community before the Walk, too.

Do you have a favorite Walk for Music memory?

Nothing compares to the energy of waking up on Walk for Music day and knowing you’re going to come to ZUMIX and and get your brightly colored t-shirt and face paint, and hold up your sign. The day-of energy is so electric. It’s such a great way to share what ZUMIX means to all of us, and how proud we are to be artists and creatives.

My favorite memory was getting to hold the ZUMIX banner with my friends, and lead the huge pack of people down the street. I think that was the first year we did the Walk in East Boston. To walk through Maverick and East Boston, with my friends, huge smiles on our faces – it was an unforgettable moment. Getting to relive the memories every year is so great.

I love the group photo, too! Trying to pack everyone into the photo – everyone squeezing in in front of the big red doors – it’s so great. The day feels like a reunion, getting to see people that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Why do you Walk for Music?

I walk for music because music is a bridge that I’ve walked over. It creates connections between people. I walk to support music and stand up for music, because music is the bridge that connects everyone.

Angelina Botticelli is a ZUMIX alumna and mentor, an East Boston native, and a graduate of Berklee College of Music.