Walk for Music Spotlight: Samantha Sorto

How did you get involved with ZUMIX?

Corey and Omar came to my school a few years ago, and talked about the programs ZUMIX was doing. I joined advanced ukulele and Sprouts. And since then I’ve done Streetwise, Rock Ed, Black Box Theatre, Z-Tech…I just keep doing the same classes because I’m co-facilitating now.

What’s it like to be a co-facilitator at ZUMIX? 

I’ve learned a lot more from other students than I have even from other staff! I’ve learned more about music when I’m freely doing it with others. We learn from each other.

I’m also part of Leaders in Training. It’s a group of co-facilitators in all programs at ZUMIX. We meet every week and basically talk about how we’re dealing with our classes, share challenges and strengths that we’re having. If you have an issue, you can bring it up and get ideas from other people. 

This is also my second year on the ZUMIX Teen Council. It is the bridge between ZUMIX youth and staff. We plan events for the organization, and if a student brings up an issue, we bring it to the adults. 

You’re a student at Boston Arts Academy now. Has your time at ZUMIX helped you with that at all?

I honestly think I wouldn’t have gotten into BAA if I hadn’t had ZUMIX by my side. The only experience I’ve ever had in “the industry” is from here. It’s very comforting, and I have a lot of supportive people in my life. I also know that if I hadn’t gotten in, I would have been fine. 

What keeps you coming back to ZUMIX?

It’s home. I feel like I’ve found my place. I can’t imagine my life without the adults in this place. They’ve pushed me to follow my dreams. As a Hispanic girl, it’s hard to decide you want to do music when your parents want you to be a lawyer or a doctor. But ZUMIX has supported me in my journey to become a better artist. 

What do you love about Walk for Music?

I love the concert at the end in Piers Park. After walking over a mile, we get to hang out and listen to some free music and get some food. 

Why do you Walk for Music

Because it’s a way to show my community that it’s just as important as anything else. There’s very limited resources for children to follow their dreams, and if ZUMIX is going to do this one thing, to promote the amazing things happening in this building, then I’ll be there. 

Samantha Sorto is a high school student and a ZUMIX participant.