Walk for Music Spotlight: Gigi

Gigi, can you tell us about Walk for Music?

I come to Walk for Music every year with Madeleine! It’s a big party at the Firehouse with music and treats and lots of people who want to pet me. They even tried to put me in a T-shirt last year (see below). I didn’t like that part very much.


What’s the best part about Walk for Music?

Did you say walk? I love to walk! I especially love a big long walk through the park with all the interesting smells, and all my favorite people. There’s usually a guy riding a bike that’s really loud, and some dudes with twisty gold instruments that make a lot of noise. It’s so fun! [Ed. note: A Trike Called Funk and the Hot Tamale Brass Band often join us at Walk for Music!]

Why do you Walk for Music?

Because walking is SO fun! I think it’s my favorite. Except for treats. And snuggles. Maybe I love all those things the same. Plus it makes Madeleine happy, and all the kids who play music get really excited.

Giselle (also known as Gigi) Steczynski is the ringleader of the dogs of ZUMIX.

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